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    Sunil Kumar

    Do Mangoes Benefit Blood Glucose

    Mangoes are rich in fibre but high on calories, which leaves diabetics confused about whether they should eat this fruit.

    A commonly used measurement to gauge the increase in sugar levels after consuming a carbohydrate food is the ‘Glycemic Index’ (GI). It helps to determine how quickly a given food causes your blood sugars to rise, comparing it to the effect of pure glucose.

    So a food with low GI has less impact on blood sugars than a food with a high GI.

    Luckily, mangoes have a low GI (average- 51) compared to other tropical fruits such as pineapple (56) or papaya (59).

    Hence, a reasonable portion of mango – let’s say a quarter of a fruit, about 1/2 cup of cubed fruit, will have only minimal impact on your blood sugar levels.
    Is Mango Good for Diabetes or Prediabetes?

    Based on studies, mangoes have a significant role in the treatment of metabolic disorders.

    Eating a mango every day could protect people against high cholesterol as well as diabetes.

    High cholesterol is a major indicator of metabolic syndrome that is related to prediabetes.

    According to the global dietary guidelines, about 15 grams of carbohydrates should come from a single serving of fruit for people affected with diabetes and below 25 grams for people with prediabetes. This is equal to half a small mango. The solution therefore, is not avoiding, but consuming the right portion.

    Mangoes are rich in fibre, which keeps blood sugar levels in check for diabetic patients and those trying to lose weight. “One mango a day, preferably before 5 pm, is perfect to keep you energetic all day, keep sugar cravings in check, and mood swings in control,”

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